I’m Lucinda and this is a blog about my family’s attempt at plastic-free living.

In 2017 – even before the release of Blue Planet 2 – the world suddenly seemed to open its eyes to the growing plastic waste crisis, with predictions that, by 2050, our seas would carry more plastic than fish, unless we changed our ways.

In March, I read about a dead whale whose innards were filled with plastic and it hit home how catastrophic the situation had become. And before you knew it we had signed up to the Marine Conservation Society‘s campaign to go without single-use plastics for the month of June. Leading a busy family and working life, we knew it would be tricky. That it would mean no bags, bottles, food packaging, cleaning products, disposable coffee cups, toiletries and more. That we’d have to find and make new products, and to shop in a very different way. But we hadn’t realised that – at times – it would be impossible!

In the end, we did manage it, with just a handful of failures (lessons learned) along the way. The month of June came and went, and there has been no looking back. By that, I don’t mean that we succeed in living plastic-free, but that we’re trying. It’s a bumpy journey! Some weeks are certainly better / easier than others.

Why share our story? Well, I started out sharing our experience on Facebook and, jokily, friends referred to us as ‘eco warriors’. The truth is that we can’t live up to that name. There is far more we should and could be doing to protect the planet. Minimising plastic is just a start and this No Eco Warrior blog came about after several people asked me to share thoughts and tips for limiting plastic.

There are countless amazing people who are doing it better; those who have succeeded in going completely plastic-free and others living with zero waste. We’re really not doing it at all brilliantly, but we’re making a start, while juggling it with busy family lives and this blog intends to help others in a similar position to get started.

I hope you find it useful and please do add any of your own comments or get in touch with any queries.

Thanks for reading!